Talking Movies from the Silent Era to the Streaming Era


The greatness of River Phoenix is only underscored by the tragedy that he has been gone for 27 years. Many artists have died without ever realizing their full potential. River Phoenix not only realized his full potential but soared past it in a way that made you think the possibilities of his talent were endless. … Continue reading RIVER PHOENIX – 2 Scenes

UNIVERSAL HORROR: The Legacy of the original ‘Monster Movies’

‘Universal Horror’ was the very first shared franchise in film that ran successfully from the late 1920’s to the early 1950’s. The studio gave the world the visual embodiment of some of the greatest characters in literature with Bela Lugosi as ‘Count Dracula’ and Boris Karloff as the ‘Monster’ in Frankenstein. While theses two images … Continue reading UNIVERSAL HORROR: The Legacy of the original ‘Monster Movies’

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